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106.The Donkey, the Fox, and the Lion

THE DONKEY and the fox agreed to hunt together for mutual benefit, and went out into the forest. There they met a lion. Hoping to save himself from the danger, the fox drew near the lion and promised to catch the donkey for him if the lion would promise not to harm himself. Then, while assuring the donkey that he would not be injured, the fox led him to a deep pit and saw to it that he fell into it. But as soon as the lion saw that the donkey was secured, he clutched and ate the fox, and saved the donkey for later.

Some who betray, may not be able to get on with their living after that.

The superior man (and donkey?) forgives misdeeds at his own wise decision.

The struggle for living must not be carried on with the wrong means and weapons.

The companion worth having, has freedom to act through proper means, and values his integrity above life when it comes to some major issues.

105.The Donkey, the Cock, and the Lion

A DONKEY and a cockerel were in a straw-yard together when a lion drew near. He was about to spring on the donkey when the cock crowed so loudly that the lion fled – it is said that lions fear the sound of crowing cocks.

The donkey imagined that the lion fled because of him, and galloped after him, intending to attack him. But when the lion had run a little off and could not hear the cock, he turned round, seized the donkey and tore him to pieces.

  As he was dying, the donkey brayed,”How stupid of me to set out to fight when I was not born to warlike parents!”

Overconfidence, no matter how sweet and brisk at first glance, may lead into trouble.

In a good life, as good as everything needs to be treated with care, especially at the beginning, so that the return may lead to a flowering.

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